Juniqo outfits your everyday life and your celebration. From showy earrings to practical bags

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Lovely earrings as a gift

Do you know that Juniqo`s unique earrings are also a great gift idea for loved ones or yourself!


Say goodbye to lost items in your bag


How much time do you spend chasing items out of your bag? 5 minutes during the day makes 4  working days a year. We warmly recommend that you spend that time outdoors, relaxing or reading, because with the help of the bag organizers you will find a place for each item.


Great style for dark days

The wonderfully soft and still upright felt has bent into a bag that gives your goods protection from bumps. The reflective details of the Moon collection also provide protection for the darkening evenings of winter.

More suitable products for the season

Backpack or bag, what about both?


The brilliantly soft and still upright felt is bent into a 3 IN ONE felt bag that transforms from a backpack into a bag or the inner lining of a Juniqo leather bag. The soft felt bag also gives your goods protection from bumps.


Why choose Juniqo?

Domestic handmade bags & bag accessories

Domesticity is important to us, so we make all our products in finland and use mostly domestic materials.

Made in an environmentally friendly way, to order for you

Nature is a valuable resource for all of us. In order for your bag to be completed sustainably, we take nature into account e.g. materials and we make products directly to order.

Finnish smart design

Practical bags and bag accessories make sense to use and don’t get to lie down behind the closet. Our products are designed in Savonlinna.

Available only from us

You can only get Juniqo's excellent products from our online store. Each product is completely unique, we manufacture products directly for you.


Durable leather bag that adapts to your everyday life

Durable leather bag that adapts to your everyday life

Juniqo leather bags are something completely unique. They offer you to change the style and purpose of your bag with detachable bag accessories.

Because we love nature too, our leather bag is designed to withstand everyday wear.

Nightless night


Be unique – be yourself

Juniqo is the outcome of a decade of dreaming. This is why we want to remind you that dreaming is worthwhile, and that strength and courage rests in each one of us to realise even the wildest of dreams. There is no need for you to make yourself fit the mould of the world around you: quite the opposite, in fact – you yourself can change the world and make it suitable for yourself through your own choices.

Be unique – be yourself.

Juniqo`s designer Jenni Niskanen

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