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A multi-purpose premium leather bag. Change your style easily with bag accessories while saving nature’s resources

When your style changes
Juniqo adapts

We know that your mind, your style, your outfit can change and your bag must serve you everyday. This is why we want to focus on the essentials, we want to create a single bag that will serve you in all situations. We only want to create sustainable, and that’s why we created a single time-proof shoulder bag Juniqo. We believe in that one is enough, because you decide on Juniqo’s appearance. You can always change the look and use of the Juniqo shoulder bag with convenient ecological bag accessories.

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Get the all-in-one bag set or mix and match your own bag from bag accessories

All-in-one bag set includes:

Can your bag do this?

Use the small bag as clutch bag or pocket in a large bag.

Juniqo`s look changes quickly with end fittings

Juniqo shoulder bag lasts long in use, remove the bag lining and straps

Bag jewellery or necklace?

Combine bag accessories and create a unique bag


Juniqo is a long-lasting partner

We have found that our favourite bags are often left behind the wardrobe when the belt or lining breaks unusable. We wanted to extend the life of the Juniqo shoulder bag by meet this challenge.

The lining and straps on our shoulder bags are always removable. So you can easily clean the lining or take it for repair by removing it from your shoulder bag. If the lining or straps are too worn or you want a whole new one, you can easily buy a new lining or straps for your bag and extend the life of your shoulder bag again by years ahead.

Made with    Be unique – Be yourself

Then what does accountability really mean for us?

Let’s live in balance with nature. Without the surrounding nature, there is no you, no me, and no Juniqo. Juniqo was born out of accountability and responsibility to our nature.

All our bags are designed and manufactured in Finland. In our bags, we utilise the leather industry’s surplus leather as well as Finnish vegetable-tanned reindeer and deer leather, we want to head our choices towards a more sustainable fashion.


We prepare bags always for the need, we do not want to waste natural resources by overproduction.


Why to choose Juniqo?

Domestic Handcrafted Bags & Bag Accessories

Domesticity is important to us, so we make as much use of domestic materials and work as possible.

Prepared for nature saving, to order directly to you

Nature is a valuable asset for all of us. In order for your bag to be finished sustainably, we take note of nature in the use of materials and strive to manufacture the products directly to order.

Finnish smart design

Practical bags and bag accessories are meaningful to use and do not stay behind the closet. Our products are designed in Savonlinna.

Available only from us

Juniqo's unique products can only get from our online store. Each product is completely unique, we manufacture and design the products directly for you.


Do you know how much leather it takes to make one bag and how much manufacturing consumes the resources of our nature?

Yellow leather is a bag accessory included in the juniqon Nightless Night bag set to easily change the look of your shoulder bag. Black leather is the amount of leather required for one new bag. Yellow leather is a bag accessory included in the juniqon Nightless Night bag set to easily change the look of your shoulder bag. With small bag accessories, you’ll be able to revamp the look of your Juniqo shoulder bag without changing a new bag!

This way much less we need leather to create a new look for your bag while consuming natural resources significantly less. May yellow be a glimmer of light on our journey towards sustainable fashion!

Choose your style

Follow our unique journey and create your own.

Our journey to this point has been very long or very short, depending on the direction it is viewed from. It’s been extremely heavy or light as a feather, depending on how one relates to it. But above all, our journey has taught us a great deal. You’ll know you’re on the right path when you genuinely dare to be your own self! If we were all quite the same, the world wouldn’t be nearly as exciting and magical a place.

Let’s make a resource out of diversity and individuality. Follow Juniqo’s journey and join us – just as you are.

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