Frilla reflective felt bag

Darkening fall bridges are inspired to add a beautiful but sensible detail to this blanket bag. Gray reflector fabric frilla also draws attention in the dark.

  • The details of this felt bag have been carefully thought out, beautiful design and practicality above. Thanks to the reflector frilla, the bag will also appear in the dark!
  • A handy size. There are 4 different pockets for goods.
  • The bag has a flap and magnetic snatch closure.
  • Manufactured as domestic handcrafts





Width: 23 cm

Height: 16 cm

Depth: 13 cm

Adjustable shoulder strap approx. 135cm


Blanket 100% polyester

Adjustable Shoulder Strap 100% Cotton

4 interior pockets of different sizes

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Frilla reflective felt bag



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